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A one-stop Bible app, feature-packed with reading plans, bookmarks, notes, highlights, progress markers, and many more. Read the Scriptures without Internet connection, without any purchases, and without ads!
We have multiple languages available. Just download them once, and it will all be available for offline reading.
Find words and phrases quickly with advanced search features.
Read two versions on a side-by-side split screen. Show different translations of a verse in one screen for detailed study.
Find related verses like quotations, parallels, and similar texts (for some Bible versions).
Write your personal notes for any verse that you select. Reference other verses in your notes and you'll be able to tap on them to access those verses.
Contains the list of verses opened recently. Touch and hold on the verse reference button to access it.
Mark the verses that you have read with colorful markers. Continue reading from your last read verse without getting lost. Make your own topical system using labels and bookmaks.
Make sure your bookmarks, personal notes, highlights, and labels are safe by activating Sync. With Sync, if you have multiple devices, your data will be accessible and kept updated on all devices.
You can copy selected verses to the clipboard, or share them to any app that is installed on your device.
Read the daily devotions and deepen your knowledge of God.
Choose from one of the many reading plans, and read the Bible in a year, or 2 years, or several months. You can even create one yourself.
Lyrics from various song books or hymnals are available for download. Press "Play" to start listening to the music when online.*
Appearance of the Bible text can be customized to your liking. Font, text size, color, background, line spacing, and more. Night mode and full screen mode are also available.
Get refreshments from choice verses every day by putting widgets on the home screen.
– Official Website
– Open-source Project Page
– Donation to Developers
* available for certain song books only

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